Are Wireframes and Storyboards Useful for Sites?

Websites are the product of many hours of work. Seemingly a simple process, building a website costs more than even the creation of a book. Website development includes multiple aspects of the build, the usage, and the future exploration of the pages, articles, and other elements inside.

What Makes a Website Ideal?

All of this needs to be put in the right place, and this is where    come into play. Both of these are used by developers and designers alike to create the best website for both the client’s visual and practical needs. Wireframes and storyboard are two of the main early-stage methods used for website development.


If you want to do a simple, yet understandable representation of what a page in your website must look like, you will best do with via a wireframe. This is a simple visualisation of the way this individual page should exist. Oftentimes, such wireframes are done by hand during the first brainstorming in the very meeting room.

Wireframes are never stable or concise. They suffer many changes and transformations until all content and features on them are confirmed to be in accordance with business policies and the other pages in the website.


To have a real website, you need to be sure no pages are in conflict. You should make a storyboard of all the wireframes and use that storyboard to follow a visitor’s steps around the entire website. Using a storyboard will allow you to put all elements together. This includes content, usability, technical planning, and aesthetics.

While wireframes focus on website interface, storyboards focus on the user experience. If an action is not intuitive, the storyboard will show it. The very objective of this method is to provide input, to validate the requirements.

While prototype websites require a number of technical knowledge to create, storyboards ask only for simple logic and the ability to copy and position the already planned wireframes into a succession.

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