Coding and HTML – What Does It Entail?

What Can HTML Do?

HTML has a verity of uses. Even now, in the age of CSS, this old-school basic code is still used in all types of image and text editing and formatting. You can set alignment, simple marquee, headlines, font types, size, dimensions, positioning on a page and links are just a few of the uses of HTML in the current age.

Using the different controlling tags, you can change elements in your sites which nothing else can do. HTML is also very useful when doing SEO. The right tags and details can be added, to create optimal search engine discoverability of all your pages and each element on them.

HTML Can Do Great Things

Map Images – a unique feature you can create in any site that works with HTML. That means, practically every website. The tag allows you to position separate links inside the same image. By hyperlinking specific areas within the image to different locations in the same or different page, you allow the visitor to have a visually enriching environment.

Best thing is – it will not risk your traffic, because these maps take a little bit of space. Highlighted text – if you have ever wondered how to make a text stay highlighted, the answer is HTML! With the special tag will allow you to add a background colour to any type of text.

Just close the tag after the desired segment. It’s easy as this. Now you can emphasise important phrases without confusing the readers. It can easily be made into the typical neon colour we are so used to from the standard document markers sold in every stationary store.

These are just two of the different types of uses HTML is awesome at. But many more are available. Your SEO, marketing, and the very online looks of your business will be excellent, if you know your HTML.

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